Here’s How Dentists Can Generate More Revenue Per Hour, During the COVID-19 Era

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Here’s How Dentists Can Generate More Revenue Per Hour, During the COVID-19 Era

Here’s How Dentists Can Generate More Revenue Per Hour, During the COVID-19 Era

From SmartBoxDentalUS – All around the country, dental practices are facing massive challenges right now: mandated reduction in capacity; fewer team members due to non-returnees; enhanced PPE requirements, with the increased time and sheer fatigue that go along with them; and the potential threat of another shutdown order.

Probably the last thing on your mind right now is growing your practice.

So, let’s talk about how you can prosper now despite all the challenges and restrictions.


The best way to maximize your per-hour revenue is to treat higher-value cases. That’s not to say that the vast majority of dentists are only going to do cosmetic, implant, or full-mouth restoration procedures. But by filling more of your hours with high-value cases, typically ones that don’t rely on insurance, you’re putting more money in your pocket.

You might not have experience in deliberately attracting the “better” patients in your market. You’ll need to adjust your marketing message, produce specific doctor videos that emphasize the benefits of choosing your practice, and allay patient concerns.

And, you’ll need more testimonials that directly address patients’ experiences with receiving those procedures from your practice.

Those are things that SmartBox has been doing for dentists across the country for more than a decade. Just hold that thought for a moment, and let’s look at your other challenges.


It’s likely that almost every dentist has experienced hiring a new team member only to find that they were a bad fit for the practice. “Bad fit” can mean unable/unwilling to perform to standards, or it can mean that they’re a disruptive influence on your team and your practice, or both.

You might have one or more bad fits on your team right now. People react differently to stress, and this pandemic is a very stressful time for everyone. A previously adequate performer might not be coping well. That’s something you can’t afford at any time, but particularly right now.

Every wrong hire is a complete waste of your time, demoralizes your team, and costs you money.

SmartBox has the answer to wrong dental practice hires: our A-Player Hiring System. We use it, and it’s invaluable in that it requires candidates to meet objective hiring criteria. It’s also a phased approach that offers numerous touch points with the candidate. That avoids “impulse” hires that talk a good game at one interview, but don’t make the cut at second and subsequent appearances.


Put simply, this is not the time to have underperforming team members. You’re certainly qualified and able to address any clinical issues that arise with your team, but what about your front office?

Rather than guessing your way through non-clinical performance issues, why not take advantage of a very detailed, online, on-demand curriculum that is driving dental practice success for dentists across the country?

SmartBox’s Success Academy is designed to empower you to train your team to create your team-driven practice. With your team fully aligned with your vision for the practice, and performing at a very high level, you’re no longer the lone success driver for your practice. You’re freed up to see more of those high-value cases and to devote the time and attention they deserve.