6 Reasons Why 2020 Is the Year of the Nurse


The World Health Organization believes that 2020 is the perfect time to celebrate the nursing profession. The start of a new decade is not only the 200th anniversary of Florence Nightingale’s efforts to modernize nursing, but also the culmination of a two-year campaign to give nurses and midwives a more prominent voice in healthcare. As nurses continue to play an increasingly important role in the health industry, 2020 should be their year.

1. It’s the 200th anniversary of Florence Nightingale.

2. It’s the release of the first State of the World’s Nursing Report.

3. It’s the culmination of the Nursing Now campaign.

4. Nurses make up a majority of the worldwide healthcare force.

5. Nurses are a huge part of the health care worker shortfall.

6. Supporting nurses boosts economic growth and gender equality.


Nurses should already be proud of themselves when they don their scrubs for a shift, but in 2020, they’ll do so with the extra confidence of knowing that it’s the Year of the Nurse and that organizations all over the world are supporting their profession.

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